Psychologist Sidra Khan

Counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families

Faisal Hospital
Days: Mon, Wed & Friday Time 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Lahore Specialist Clinic
Days: Mon, Wed & Friday
Time 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Faisal Hospital
Days: Mon, Wed & Friday
Time 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Lahore Specialist Clinic
Days: Mon, Wed & Friday
Time 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Psychologist Sidra Khan

I'm Psychologist Professor Sidra Licensed and Reliable therapist

Prof. Sidra Asghar Khan, Well trained, Professional Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Expressive therapist and NLP Practitioner

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About Me

      Prof. Sidra Asghar Khan is well trained, Professional Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Expressive Therapist, and NLP Practitioner. Prof. Sidra Asghar Khan gained an extensive in-depth understanding of Psychological disorders through her 18 Years of educational experience and 8 years of professional experience in a clinical setting. Moreover, her advanced courses latest training ad up her specialties is tremendous.

She has a Professional attitude, active listener, active responder, and is skilled in repute building with every age group of patients. She has written several articles and Columns in well-known national and international newspapers and Magazines. Some of her “The Dunya Newspaper” The family magazine ” She writes series of Articles in an international newspaper named ” Daily Nawa e Jang ” for overseas public awareness. She writes Articles in English Magazines targeting female psychological issues named “Ad Gallery” and “The Spectrum” international English magazines some of her famous articles are” stress among educated females” ” Addiction in our Society” and “Putting a smile on sad faces”.

She was the first Pakistani female psychologist who frames the project of suicide Prevention helpline in Pakistan. She gave the services as Director and Founder of Suicide Prevention helpline.  She successfully runs this Project by gaining Special training in telephone counseling. She is active Media Analyst of FM radio and Television in which she is invited as Speaker female Psychologist for Public awareness of Psychological Problems in our Society. She treats every age group of Patients including adult children and old age also suffering from life going stressors teach them stress coping skills that ultimately reduce the risk of the happening psychological disorder. Her treatment Combination of Psychotherapy along with Hypnosis, expressive therapies, and NLP make her treatment more effective and functional.

Parental Therapy & Counseling
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Your symptoms often play a role in the type of treatment and type of therapist you choose. If your doctor suspects that you are experiencing problems that might require the use of prescription medications in addition to psychotherapy, he or she may refer you to a psychiatrist.



Depending on the approach used by the therapist, a wide range of techniques and strategies can be used. However, almost all types of psychotherapy involve developing a therapeutic relationship, communicating and creating a dialogue, and working to overcome problematic thoughts or behaviors.


Psychotherapy is a general term that is used to describe the process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress by the use of verbal and psychological techniques. During this process, a trained psychotherapist helps the client tackle specific or general problems such as a particular mental illness or a source of life stress.